Monday, December 21, 2009

HR Practices that make a difference

Engaging a Global Workforce through Social Media and Networking:
  • Bringing together a global workforce through virtual forums - Sr. Leader Blogs, Podcasts, Online live chat sessions with Sr. Staff Members, Web Jam Sessions, Facebook etc.

Enabling Career Growth which is personalized & customized to an individual’s need:

  • Development Programs that go beyond formal classroom training and enable Action Learning.

Creating and sustaining a Great Place to Work:

  • Identifying the vectors that drive greatest value for the organization – depending on the composition of the workforce.
  • Flexibility that enables Work-Life Balance (Tele-commute, Flexible work spaces); Benefits that support employees’ life needs; A sense of fun and community at the workplace – largely employee driven.

Tapping into the energy and the need for volunteerism!...Enabling CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and ISR (Individual Efforts).

Driving sensitivity to differences while enabling a unified Organizational / Corporate Culture:

  • Enable Articulation and Internalization of a corporate value system.
  • Awareness through training, tone at the top & middle, Intolerance towards discrimination, strict action for violations.

Enabling an environment that appreciates diversity:

  • Diversity in gender, in unique requirements.

Creating an Open and Direct Culture through:

  • Multiple two-way communication channels.
  • Holding leaders and Managers accountable through programs, process.
  • HR as a neutral player that acts as custodian of the organization’s long term interests.

Contributed By:
Ranjan Sarkar
(Vice President - HR & Corporate Communication)
Acclaris Limited