Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creating an Employer Brand - Critical Success Factors

In reference to Employer branding, the Business Leaders are facing tough people questions and in turn looking up to HR for an answer. Some of the common questions are -
  • Do you have an employee value proposition to attract, retain and engage the very best?
  • Have you effectively aligned your EVP to your Customer Value Proposition?
  • Have you created a high performance culture that aligns people to execute your strategy?
  • How aligned is your total reward strategy to business outcomes?
It is important that each of these questions is looked into separately for an answer however creating Brand of respect is important and possibly a very common concern for most Organizations. Some of the ways to do so are as follows:
  • Find your USPs as an organization and as an employer; find your differentiators vis-à-vis competition
  • Build your organization and people practices on core values
  • Align your entire leadership to your culture and values
  • Build the EVP around your particular context – no cookie-cutter approach!
  • Attract the “right” talent, not necessarily the “best”
  • Don’t rest on your laurels; continually benchmark and improve
Some of the Pitfalls to avoid are:
  • An employer brand is not a mere advertisement or slogan
  • Do not merely replicate someone else’s employer brand strategy
  • Do not create an EVP merely to just attract, but also to retain
Cotributed By:
Ranjan Sarkar
Senior Vice President - HR & Corporate Communication
(Acclaris Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)