Thursday, June 24, 2010

Culture is the King

In today’s context, Culture of an Organization is the prime differentiator between a good and not so good company, however it is the only differentiator between a good and GREAT company!!!

The reason for this is as follows:
  • All performance is driven by Culture
  • Competitors can copy Product/Services/Branding but cannot copy CULTURE (Sustainable Competitive advantage)
  • Convey right perspective to all Stakeholders
  • Help to imbibe Organizational Pride which is critical to hold on to the talents
    • Trust & Commitment
    • Loyalty & Passion
    • Emotional Bonding
    • Contribution to Success
    • Ability to reach out to clients
    • High Performance
    • Creativity to think differently
    • Sense of ownership

The best way to develop Culture in a Company is through the 4 way approach -

  1. Awareness & Reflection – Some of the tools for doing so are as follows
    • Employee Survey
    • Trust Index/Trust Audits
    • Benchmark Cultural Practices
    • Study Missions/Awareness Workshops
    • Action Planning Workshops
    • Communication – Communication - Communication
    • Ownership Building Events
    • Stakeholders Feedback
  2. Capability Building – can be managed through the following initiatives
    • Leadership Training & Coaching
    • Training of the Line Manager
    • Coaching & Mentoring Skills
    • HR (Gurukul/Sherpa Approach)
    • People Leadership Assessment
    • Incubation approach
    • Rituals & Programs
    • Repetition & Sustenance
  3. Promotion & Engagement – this is important and can be facilitated through the following measures
    • Vision/Mission/Core Values (Review periodically)
    • Culture Alignment
    • Internal Branding
    • External Branding
    • Leveraging Unique Attributes
    • Aligning EVP with Customer Value Proposition
    • EVP to Attract & Retain
    • Innovation@Workplace
  4. Institutionalization – last but not the least this approach creates sustainability and scalability
    • Design of People Systems & Processes
    • Implementation & Support
    • Create High Performance Culture which facilitates to execute Strategy
    • Align Total Reward Strategy to Business Outcomes
    • Establish Emerging People Paradigm – Employee as an Investor
    • Aligning Leadership to Culture Building

Contributed By:
Mr. Ranjan Sarkar
Senior Vice President - HR & Corporate Communication,
Acclaris Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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